Photo by Steven Twigg
Combined images of the front face and back faces of the signal box, with the artist leaning against the signal box in the rear-face photo. The Spadina Ave. and King St. West street signs are shown beside the images of the signal box. Bottom text reads: "Location: Spadina Ave and King St. W. Date: July 12, 2018 Client: City of Toronto"
Artist(s): Steven Twigg

Lively City Part 2

Completed: July 2018
This dynamic signal box, on the southwest corner of Spadina Ave. and King St. West sits a very colourful and charming signal box. Painted over a bold and bright yellow, red, white and green geometric background,  the front face of the signal box hosts a charismatic pigeon riding a unicycle atop an electric wire. On the back, an origami crane is being hoisted by a pully affixed to an overhead crane.
Artist’s Statement: Toronto is a busy city. Most of us are buzzing from place to place with a purpose. I get inspiration from long wanders along our streets, appreciating the little things and imagining the lives quintessential parts our city could be living; like pigeons, what do they do when we’re not looking? Could be anything, even riding a unicycle for all we know. This artwork encourages us to stop a moment and let our imaginations run wild, rather than running wildly ourselves from A to B. This is part of a series.

Created for Outside the Box by StreetARToronto.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: Spadina and King W. Get Directions

Accessibility: Located just in front of 425 King St. W