Photo by Dom Laporte
The 'When Generations Connect' mural, seen from the street.
Artist(s): Dom Laporte

When Generations Connect

Mural Routes Member(s): Dom Laporte Completed: May 2022

Size: 30 x 40′

‘When Generations Connect’ displays the textile-creating process, from crop seeding (shown in the upper left), fabric weaving (shown in the middle) and garment finalising (shown on the left). Painting with acrylic and spray paint on concrete, Laporte creates a watercolour effect as he interlaces images of grasses, leaves and crops essential to garments around the figures featured in the mural.

Artist’s Statement: “I created this project for Sentier Cultural in Gatineau, QC. The mural focused on paying tribute to the significance of women in the textile industry and the working class neighborhood that still exists in that sector of old Hull today.”


Where to Find This Mural

Location: 144 Eddy St, Gatineau, QC, Canada Get Directions