Photo by Photograph by Mitul Shah.
A photograph of a mural featuring a mom doing groceries with her son on a bike that defies physics. a buff dog is standing up on the back looking at a bird hidden in a chard. an orange cat with wings walks out of an apple house towards the rainbow forest.
Artist(s): Wandy Cheng


Completed: October 2023

Commissioned by Karma Food Co-Op through a Call for Submissions process and supported by StreetARToronto, Wandy Cheng painted this 52 feet wide x 14 feet tall wraparound design at the front entrance to attract new members to the laneway.

The immersive environment made up of local produce during a parent’s commute may also resonate with many in the Seaton Village neighbourhood.

Special thanks to illustrators Wenting Li, Sabrina Tu and Karma Co-Op staff and volunteers for assistance during the making of the mural!

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 739 Palmerston Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada Get Directions

Accessibility: Accessible front entrance with automatic doors.