Artist(s): Andre Kan

Pin Cushion

Mural Routes Member(s): Andre Kan

PinCushion// Stay Afloat (2020)

This new piece titled “PinCushion// Stay Afloat” is about the current state of our city as many businesses are forced to either close or struggle to remain open due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The design includes my signature elements of suspended geometry complimenting a flock of birds migrating through the landscape as a sign of ever-constant change. The organic nature of these objects floating carefully above what looks like “needle’ pointed mountains is a reference towards how careful and cautious businesses must be now (and this also relates to us) in order to stay above. To stay afloat and more importantly to stay alive.
In Korea, the red-crowned crane is called a Durumi or Hak and is considered a symbol of longevity, purity, and peace. My team and I worked day and night to design a proper rendering of this crane, minimal, and bold, enough that it worked with the overall design, yet still created significance with how elegant, and spiritual minimal geometry is.
Clinton’s is a well-loved bar, restaurant and event space located at the heart of Koreatown, operating since 1937. This year, in Spring 2020, Clinton’s was taken over by new management, who have a vision to infuse this local staple with elements of their Korean heritage, through food and service. This new mural at Clinton’s aims to visually represent their vision for the space as a fusion of Korean and a “western” style bar the space has been.

Artist: Andre Kan

Special thanks to:
Owner Daniel and the You family
Support from: StreetARToronto
Assistant artist: Calum Hunter
Other Artists and Friends who helped out:
Radha Pithadia, Shea Nemeth,Ivan Blagojevic, Jeremy Forsyth, Matthew Notarfonzo, Calum Hunter, Adam Chibba, Nigel Westgate, Piff Defreitas, Kimberly Simmons, Jeremy Lee, Robert John Patterson, and Amanda van Kesteren

Project coordinator: Tara Dorey
Media Editor and Advisor: Silvija Mitreska

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 693 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON, Canada Get Directions