Photo by May Shi @mmayshi
From Left to right. Text reads "Whitebark pine: Provider. Stabilizer. Endangered." with French translation at bottom. Magnified circle of White Pine bud and Cree language. White Pine tree in center. More magnification bubbles of White Pine. Bear next to tree. Geometric mountain background and colourful lines.
Artist(s): Kamâmak (Mack Brown)


Completed: 2022

“This mural was designed for Parks Canada to raise awareness for the White Bark Pine Tree- an endangered species in the National Parks. after a National Artist call out that Parks Canada I was so honoured to be chosen to design and paint this mural 🤍

My mural can be found in Inglewood the Alexandra Dance Centre building! I would also like to thank BUMP for being such a wonderful organization to work with and to Nikawiy in law Caroline Csák for her help with some painting 🙂

This piece has a lot of importance and intention within the design. The fire is an integral part of forest health, and how the White Bark Pine reseeds its cones. The Whitebark Pine also has beautiful reciprocal relationships with many animals such as the Clark’s Nut Cracker (who carry and replant the seeds!), squirrels and Grizzly Bears.

I am so so proud of myself and happy to reclaim space with Indigenous stories, imagery and BRIIIGHHHHT COLOR!

This piece is two stories tall and 73 feet in length 🙂 Mohkinstsis, Treaty 7 territory and Métis Region 3!”

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Part of YYC BUMP (Beltline Urban Murals Project)
Funded by TD Canada Trust

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 922 9 Ave SE Calgary, Alberta, T2G 0S4 Get Directions