Photo by Vipushan Ravi
Artist(s): In order from north to south: June, Jordan McKie, Tenzin Tsering, Kalsang Wangyal (waz_graphics), Caitlin Taguibao, Planta Muisca, Yasaman Mehrsa, kaya joan, Curtia Wright, Alex Bacon, Leone McComas, Keitha Keeshig-Tobias Biizindam — Red Urban Nation Artists Collective, Drew Rickard — Red Urban Nation Artists Collective, Danielle Hyde — Red Urban Nation Artists Collective, Cedar Eve Peters — Red Urban Nation Artists Collective, Ren Lonechild — Red Urban Nation Artists Collective, Que Rock, Mo Thunder and Shawn Howe, Andrea Manica, Kedre Brown, ARTCHILD, Rowell Soller, Chris Perez, Elicser Elliott, Nick Sweetman. Curator and community engagement facilitator: Bareket Kezwer

Lansdowne Underpass Art Project

Completed: 2021

These artworks share first person perspective stories that speak to the rich ongoing history of the site as home to many diverse plant and animal species and cultural communities, beginning with the Indigenous peoples of Tkaronto and Turtle Island. The Lansdowne Underpass Art Project creates a collaborative artwork that honours this site by telling stories of those who have and continue to live on, play on, build community on, struggle on, learn from, grow in, paint, immigrate to, contribute to, and tend to this land.

The Lansdowne Underpass Art Project aspires to include works that represent the diverse cultures, languages and heritage of street, mural and graffiti artists from the communities that have settled in what is now Ward 4 and Ward 9 over the centuries. The project aims to create an artwork that shares knowledge across communities and celebrates people coming together through compassion, cooperation, a shared sense of belonging and pride of place.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 211 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada Get Directions