Photo by May Shi @mmayshi
From left to right. Woman figure holding out guitar, center woman waving happily, right side figure in winter coat hooded, all on trolley. With city hall in background.
Artist(s): Ice on Whyte Mural Mosaics

Ice on Whyte Mural Mosaic

Completed: 2017

“Communities in each province and territory across Canada will create sections of the overall mural that will connect Canada through art. Every participating city or town will create a section of the mural made up of 400-750 individual tiles that symbolizes their community.

Each of these Community Mural sections will stand alone as a mural for that particular community. Then, each of these sections of the mural will be become one of the many storybook pages within the overall mural to form the ultimate visual time capsule and create a legacy for a proud nation.

As each painting is part of a community mural, each community mural is part of the Canada Mosaic Mural. Each community mural virtually connects to other community murals resulting in a massive coast to coast unified mosaic.

Throughout the Country, this equates to 100,000’s tiles that will comprise an overall image of train cars connecting Canadians from far and wide!”

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On public washrooms

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: Whyte Avenue Northwest & Gateway Boulevard Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada Get Directions