Genetic Evolution + The Conscious Attunement To Our Divine Vitality

Artist: Kai Cabödyna

507 Cedar St, Nelson, BC V1L 2C2, Canada

Created from the 2021 Nelson International Mural Festival on the Cedar Street retaining wall.

“Kai Cabödyna’s practice is rooted within returning to natural rhythms, dethroning patriarchal conditioning, cultivating community, exploring collaborative projects and evolving cultural paradigms. Overlapping and communicating through various mediums allows for his eclectic and adaptable process to reflect the way nature orchestrates it’s patterns, rhythms and flows.

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Smooth Sky

Artist: Imagine

420 Vernon Street, Nelson, BC, V1L 4E5

The piece is an ode to blue skies! The sky in Nelson really inspired me. When I first arrived, I talked to the festival organizers and several people who’ve lived here all their lives, and they were all telling me how lucky I was during my visit because the sky wasn’t smoky. Since I got here, the sky has been a perfect blue the whole time and I couldn’t imagine this beautiful place any other way.
What it says on the wall is “may the skies forever stay blue”, over and over again. It’s sort of like a wish, that with climate change and rapidly changing weather everywhere, the hope is that we have blue sky days like these over and over again; that things stay this way. I used a lot of shades of blue in it; the majority of the shades are sky blues, so if you take a photo of the wall, even at different times of day, some part of the wall is always matching the sky.

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Back face of the 'Peace in Ukraine' signal box.

Peace for Ukraine

Artist: Chelsea Virginia

Berry Rd at Park Lawn Rd East Side, Toronto, ON M8Y 1W9, Canada

Featuring a dark blue background that wraps around the signal box, its front face displays two sunflowers, painted in miraculous yellow with strong black stems and leaves, surrounded by smaller white petaled flowers. Its back face shows one large sunflower, while its sides show three white doves on each side, separated by black hearts.

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Natural Connections

Artist: Sylvie Stojanovski (a.k.a. Sylvie the Artist)

Yonge St at Baillol Ave, south east corner (1867 Yonge St)

An interactive ground mural that features a pattern map inspired by an aerial map of park trails and waterways in the Midtown Yonge area–from Sherwood Park, to Oriole, and the Beltline, as well as three lines connecting native plants to their respective pollinators.

Created as a part of the Midtown Yonge BIA Connects! Through Community Animation and Art program.

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Francine Freeman standing beside the 'Keys of Theatre' signal box.

Keys of Theatre

Artist: Francine Freeman

Battleford Rd At Montevideo Rd, Mississauga, ON L5N 3S4, Canada

This design captures Broadway, music, the cast of an orchestra, lavish sets and costumes set on a series of piano keys (…) My aim with this work is to create a warm welcome back to Meadowvale Theatre and encourage the community to support the art by attending shows this summer, and beyond.

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FUTURA at Assembly Park

Artist: André Kan

18 Interchange Way, Concord, Vaughan, Ontario

Futura (2021) a vibrant and innovative mural activation by Andre Kan serves as a significant landmark at The Assembly Park Studios in the City of Vaughan. His geometric shapes build upon one another creating a sense of interconnection, and reminding us how we are all connected in this world. Through the significance of cause and effect, this energetic, multilayered landscape is his abstract interpretation of the city’s unique future – a high-spirited dynamic blueprint of various forms coming together. Unified, bold, and in harmony, this architectural piece depicts a number of structural components and signifies the importance of creating a foundation that can be built beyond itself.

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