Let’s Fly T.O

Artist: Francine Freeman

5825 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 4V7

This mural is located in the Postcard Restaurant of the Best Western Hotel of the Toronto skyline surrounded by a vibrant sunset. The CN Tower features a light display using RGB strip lights creating a light show for the customers to enjoy.

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Transformation “The WOW mural”

Artist: Claudia Salguero

215 Wurtemburg St Ottawa, ON K1N 8T1

This mural, 9 stories tall celebrates Ottawa’s diversity, underlines the importance of inclusion and enhances awareness of the contributions of newcomers to Ottawa.
Dedicated to immigrants and refugees. This mural depicts the eyes of Canada’s diversity, generosity and compassion. Created with the participation of almost 90 people from the community as the WOW, Welcome Ottawa Week.

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Garth Worthington School Mural

Artist: Alixandra Jade

351 Chappelle Dr SW, Edmonton, AB T6W 2Z2

Playing around a concept powered by creativity, imagination, diversity, and exploration, just some of the many aspects that schools encompass. The mural is painted in an abstract style where a bold, captivating mural is created through an array of hidden imagery with meaning to be found. The abstract style allows for a unique experience as everyone’s eye and mind interpretates colours, forms, and shapes differently.

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Outside the Box

Artist: Sarah Alinia Ziazi

1760 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough, ON M1H 2T9

This Bell box visualizes feminine energy and beauty through the juxtaposition of a floral background.

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Mid-Century Modern Duke Heights

Artist: Sarah Alinia Ziazi

4465 Chesswood Dr, North York, ON M3J 2C2

This Bell box is a modernist twist on furniture design to invoke feelings of optimism about the flourishing of home furniture businesses in the area.

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