Butterfly Effect

Artist: Jesse Campbell

102 Herridge Ln #2, Nelson, BC V1L 0C2

Jesse Campbell is a Métis visual artist and strength athlete. His ancestry comes from St. Boniface and Waterhen lake MB on his Moms side and from Scotland and England on his Dads. Jesse has been painting murals since 2010 and ditched a career in the sciences to work full-time in the arts in 2018.

“With the Butterfly Effect, we have these small reverberations that sort of magnify, and create a much bigger impact. And I think about that with species, and species loss. In this piece I want to sort of depict recollection, recollecting our place within the land, our past, and our tentative future. I do that by reintroducing these flowers and the native species that go with them.” – Jesse Campbell

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A front facing view of the pi'tawita'iek mural.

pi’tawita’iek: we go up river

Artist: Jordan Bennett

100 McCaul St, Toronto, ON M5T 1W1

Size:  12×4 ft.; 3.6×1.2 m. This beautiful mural is visible from OCAD’s south-facing wall at 100 McCaul Street. Expanding the wall’s five doors (painted in a fantastic magenta with white circles, partially descending bars and green lines that extend like Ionic columns), the exposed brick is separated by light blue, downward-facing triangles to create the …

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A view of the Daniels Mural Project, seen from the middle.

Daniels Mural Project

Artist: Que Rock

1 Spadina Crescent, Toronto, ON, Canada

The Daniels Mural Project is an Indigenous-lead mural created by Que Rock and is located on the north-facing wall of 1 Spadina Cr., on the Daniels Building/Architecture faculty of the University of Toronto. The temporary mural by Que Rock, who is a member of Nipissing First Nation, honours the 215 children whose unmarked graves were discovered at a former residential school site in Kamloops, B.C., as well as the graves that continue to be discovered across Turtle Island.

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Time to Heal; and truth before reconciliation

Artist: Janice Wu; seth cardinal dodginghorse; 馬鳳齡 Fung Ling Feimo

3rd Avenue Southeast & 1st Street Southeast, Calgary, AB T2G 0B7, Canada

All four signal box locations explore Time in different ways; from traditional Chinese calligraphy with historical photos of Chinatown, and the history shared by Tsúùt’ínà artist about his ancestor Chief Bullhead and Fort Calgary, to stylised tigers inspired by the colours of Cantonese opera, to age-old medicinal remedies that have survived many generations, to contemporary Canto phraseology and street calligraphy.

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The Wisdom Mural

Artist: Claudia Salguero

1365 Bank St Ottawa ON K1H 8K8

The Wisdom Mural Project, installed on August 5th 2021, is a call to action to care for our planet. It was a two-year long journey, which sought to understand the depth to which ancestral teachings from Canada and around the world could strengthen our connection with and respect for Mother Nature.

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Storytelling Mural and Healing Corridor

Artist: Monica Wickeler and Nyle Migiizi Johnston

Central Hospital Lane, Toronto, ON, Canada

A collaboration between Monica Wickeler – artist/facilitator Nyle Miigizi Johnston -collaborating lead artist and youth mentor (Contemporary/Traditional storyteller/visual artist, Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation).

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