Photo by Daisy Wu
Landscape painting of the northern lights, represented in the distance in purple, orange and yellow. It is also represented at the top of the painting in red, with a maple leaf appearing in the center. At the bottom is a body of light blue water with a child who looks back at the landscape. Their hair blends in with the water. They hold a smudging shell with its smoke evaporating high in the sky.
Artist(s): Annie Beach, Brianna Wentz

O Kanata

Completed: 2017

Artist’s Statement: “O Kanata is about celebrating the role of Indigenous Peoples, and honouring the beauty of Canada’s natural landscapes. Smudging is a practice used to cleanse negative energy; we incorporated it into our design so that the smoke from this smudge can cleanse the land of the harms in the past. The child holding the smudging shell is not of any specific race, culture, class, or gender, and therefore, represents anyone in our country’s diverse population. The child also represents the future of Canada, as the country as a dominion is still in its infancy. This child is shown blending with the river and is rendered in the colours of the sky, as we hope for a future where we are all more connected to the land. Various landscapes from across the country have been represented: the prairies through the plains in the middle ground, the Boreal Forest and Rockies through the wooded area, rivers and the coasts through the waterfall and river in the foreground, as well as the Arctic through the Northern Lights. A beaver is shown crawling into the river, as it cleanses itself of its own negative history. The silhouette of an eagle flies from the east, a symbol of courage and new beginnings. Also included is an Inuksuk, pointing in the direction of the sunrise, further emphasizing a bright new future, as well as marking the scene as a place of shelter. At the top of the Mural shining in the northern lights, is the iconic Canadian maple leaf.”

Sponsored by: Canada 150, Take Pride Winnipeg!, Canadian Heritage, Canada Employment and Social Development, Goodies Bake Shop, Herc Rentals, and West End BIZ.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 501 Ellice Ave Winnipeg MB R3B 1Y8 Get Directions