Photo by Katarina Sabados
Indigenous west coast eagle mural
Artist(s): Paul Windsor

Eagle Opens Up

Completed: 2017

An eagle depicted mid flight in the traditional style from Paul Windsor, a Haisla-Heltsuk muralist, on a wall in Main Alley for the 2017 Vancouver Mural Festival. Artist statement: “The content’s positive/impactful in a way it isn’t direct. Art is healing through form/flow/colour/aesthetic all subjective to the artist. Im going to leave perspective on current multi-generational reality that impact communities and people worldwide. It’s bright side as strong as I can express it through my style and spirit: through the art of our culture. Homes, (healthy functioning homes) are safe, sober, clean, strong and productive…loyal, nurturing and unified, (like this design.) A lot of people lost that from their lives. The house design-split-eagle-box represents everything negative and positive, balancing negative/positive spaces and opening up with the guidance of eagle reveals the movement of spirit bringing healing and nourishment to soul.”

Paul Windsor for Vancouver Mural Festival

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 111 E 5th Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5T 4L1 Get Directions

Accessibility: Mural is in an alley.