Photo by Daisy Wu
On a blue background, a womans face is seen looking up with her eyes closed. There are flowers around her, and her hair drags behind her and turns into blood. On the blood, the text of a poem by Jonina Kirton.
Artist(s): Jan Castillo, Jónína Kirton


Completed: 2018

One of two murals on the Sutherland Hotel. It displays a poem written by the artist Jónína Kirton. Here is her statement about her work: “This poem speaks to blood memory and the way the bones of my ancestors have always pulled on me. The gathering of their stories, visiting their homelands, the places where their bones have become part of the earth, has been important to me. Whether it was Lake of the Woods, North Dakota or Iceland, I could feel their presence in the land. Hearing our mother tongues ignited blood memory, caused the cells of my body dance. I have more lands to visit and more stories to gather. At sixty-three I feel a sense of urgency to learn all I can and to leave the stories for those who come after me. It has felt like a calling, one that has been filled with unexpected complexities as there is not only much territory to cover but much of it had me questioning my unique responsibilities re reconciliation. Both settler and Indigenous my family played a significant role in the Hudson Bay and the Northwest Company’s move across Canada. As I gathered the stories I had to make peace with many things. This mural is a healing moment for me. A reclaiming of my place in our homeland. I am so grateful to Jan Castillo for our conversations re the excerpt and for his interpretation of not only the entire poem but the things I shared with him re being of mixed race with so many threads to follow. I give thanks to him and to all who made this possible. – All my Relations.”

Sponsored by: Graffiti Art Programming, Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival, Synonym Art Consultation and Cloverdale Paint.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 785 Main St Winnipeg MB R2W 3N6 Get Directions