Photo by Daisy Wu
A woman with dark hair in braids looks down to the human heart that she sews with thread. The bobbin has the medicine wheel symbol on it. The woman wears a white hat with a line of muskox on the brim and a shawl, with a landscape scene painted beneath it. The shawl has a pinecone in the centre of it.
Artist(s): Shalak Attack, Bruno Smoky


Completed: 2016

Winner of Mural of the Year 2016, this mural depicts a woman mending a ripped heart with thread. It represents the unity of First Nations peoples, from the South to the North. The muskox on her hat relate to how these animals protect their young from predators. The vamps on her poncho are symbols for the missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada, and it highlights the severity of this issue in this particular area of Winnipeg. The act of heart mending occurs every day, in various ways whether it be physical or spiritual, we are all on a process of healing.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 782 Main St Winnipeg MB R2W 3N4 Get Directions