Photo by Daisy Wu
Two dark blue lungs stand behind a human figure, a narwal and a cut-out piece of the earth, showing its many layers. The narwal and the human both have these same earth layers reflected within them. The human figure holds a large fish. In between the lungs is a patch of swirling water.
Artist(s): Parr Josephee, Patrick Thompson, Alexa Hatanaka

Aqua Lungs

Completed: 2016

This mural was painted by Patrick Thompson and Alexa Hatanka; an art duo known as PA System. It was also painted by Parr Josephee, an artist from Kinngait Nunavut. The artwork is a self portrait of Parr, holding the first fish he ever caught during the year this piece was painted. The background consists of two large lungs which hold the human figure, a narwal, and a cut piece of the earth. This represents the interconnection of all these elements.

Sponsored by: North End Community Renewal Corporation, Graffiti Art Programming, Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival, Synonym Art Consultation and Sherwin-Williams

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 782 Main St Winnipeg MB R2W 3N4 Get Directions