A woman with brown hair is depicted on a background of colourful leaves and other organic and geometric shapes

Luxurious Dreamscape Bubble Bath

Artist: David Ulock, Doug Nhung

148 E 6th Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5T 1J5

This mural was the artists first collaboration with goal of blending two distinct styles into a cohesive, hyper-stylized mural. The combination of abstraction, organic shapes, bold colours, and the human form blend the two visions into a singular vision.

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Photo of a bunker mural of a submerged sea goddess with half her face visible and her hand coming out of the water building what looks like a piece of land or mountain, which merges to the Toronto city skyline on the left side of the bunker. The character, elements and water are in various shades of blue and green, and the sky is painted a vivid red. The goddess wears a headdress of sorts made of fish and coral.

Sea Goddess Building the Land


Coronation Park, Lake Shore Boulevard West, Toronto, ON, Canada

Bunker mural painted on all 4 sides by FPMONKEY in aerosol, featuring a sea goddess inspired by Chinese mythology building the land which turns into the Toronto skyline. Theme given to artist was “the land.” Yachts are seen in the water to reflect the nearby boat pier along the waterfront. Located at Coronation Park, funded by stART Toronto. Completed in 2023.

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Portrait of a woman underneath the earth. Her green hair swirls in the earth and emerges on the surface, where there is blue sky, like grass.

Sweet Grass – Wiingash

Artist: Jackie Traverse

141 Sherbrook St Winnipeg MB R3C 2B5 Canada

Sweet grass is a gift from Mother Earth. It is said to be part of her hair and the use of sweet grass promotes strength and kindness. When braiding sweet grass each strand of the braid represents mind, body and spirit. It is also important to remember the teaching of the sweet grass braid and walk that way when wearing a braid in our own hair. Smudging: The aroma of burning sweet grass has a calming effect and thus promotes kind thoughts. When smudging with sweet grass it is important to honour the hair of mother earth by smudging our own hair with the smoke. Prayer and Ceremony: Since sweet grass promotes strength and kindness it is often used in healing circles and during ceremony to allow positive energy, kind thoughts and kind feelings to surface through any pain and suffering.

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From right to left. Fireflies flying around, two rabbits next to big tree. Bear playing with firefiles on other side of tree.

Lorfolk Lane

Artist: Adrian Linsangan & Madison Armagost (& ACAD students)

1118 Kensington Rd NW Calgary, Alberta, T2N 3P1

This fairy forest mural was commissioned by the BIA and completed in 2019 by ACAD students in partnership with Norfolk Housing Association. Fairy doors compliment this charming mural.

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The side of a building is painted with the image of a young child, squatted close to the ground, holding string. There is a pile of rocks nearby.

Rio Abajo Rio: The River Beneath the River

Artist: Jacoba Niepoort

1583 Hollis Street Halifax, NS B3J 1V3

This mural was created by artist Jacoba Niepoort in 2019. The mural was funded by the Gritty to Pretty program offered through the Downtown Halifax Business Commission. This mural was inspired by Clarissa Pikola Estes’s interpretation of the folk tale “la llorona.”

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