Photo by Daisy Wu
On a brick wall stands a painting of a large dormouse wearing a teal night gown and hat. He looks frightened as he stares at the small mad hatter, who controls a mouse trap much too small to cover this mouse. In front of the mouse, a purple cheshire cat jumps with its back to the viewer. It looks shocked, and its smile is off of its face.
Artist(s): Charlie Johnston

A Better Mousetrap

Completed: Fall 2023

This was one of three murals of West End Biz’s ENERGIZE Mural Project, which was a live mural painting event along Sargent Avenue. This mural draws inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and includes a large dormouse, a mad hatter that controls a rather small mouse trap, and a shocked Cheshire cat.

Sponsored by: West End Biz, Take Pride Winnipeg!, and Councillor Cindy Gilroy.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 528 Sargent Ave Winnipeg MB R3B 1W2 Get Directions