Photo by Katarina Sabados
A prominent dog depicted along a mountain, in a minimalist landscape, surrounded by cool colours
Artist(s): Alexia Tryfon


Completed: 2018

The mural depicts a myth from the artists home country of Cyprus. One that audiences familiar with Homer’s The Odyssey will recognize. The white wolf is the spirit of Argos, Odysseus’ dog. After ten years spent fighting in the Trojan War, Odysseus returns home on his ship, The Argonaut, named after his dog to find his castle filled with suitors chasing after his wife, Penelope, and trying to steal his wealth. He disguises himself as a peasant to enter the castle. Argos, an elderly dog now close to his death recognizes Odysseus who ignores him to maintain his secrecy. Passing him by with a tear in his eye, Odysseus enters the castle, and Argos dies. The mural depicts the spirit of the dog, now part of the wind and the oceans, that protects Odysseus on his adventures.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 33 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5Y 1M8 Get Directions

Accessibility: Mural is in an alley.