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Photo by Khaula Mazhar


Mural Routes Member(s): Khaula Mazhar

Artist(s): Khaula Mazhar

Producer: Women Paint

Category: , , , ,

Completed: October 2021

This mural is part of the Womxn Paint 2021 North Etobicoke project themed around resilience. Since the neighbourhood has a large population of immigrants, South Asians in particular, I used an image of a young South Asian woman in her traditional attire appreciating nature. Adjusting to her new world, like so many immigrant women she is naturally resilient and looks for something familiar to give her hope and strength. Nature is something that we love and appreciate in any part of the world, and it makes an appearance in so many classic western and eastern paintings, our love of nature is something that connects us all, it can bring us together and strengthen community. The style is a contemporary twist on Mughal art inspired by the whimsical and imaginative work of South Asian artist, Hajra Mansoor, who is the pride of the South Asian community.

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Location: 680 Rexdale Boulevard, Etobicoke, ON, Canada | Get Directions

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