Photo by Khaula Siddique
Artist(s): Khaula Siddique (Mazhar)

“Don’t Plant Anything But Love”-Rumi

Mural Routes Member(s): Khaula Mazhar Completed: September 11 2022

“…Don’t Plant Anything But Love”-Rumi
This quote came to mind after some community consultation when members were asked what they like about living in the area. Most members appreciated the community itself, it is friendly and welcoming. Food is something that welcomes people and brings them together, we share our tables to say hello and sometimes to say goodbye. Sometimes just to take care of each other.
After researching the demographics of the area, I chose fruit from different regions of the world that represented the backgrounds of this community. The large shapes and bright colours add a happy atmosphere and are very recognizable even at a distance when driving by. The fruit represents diversity, it depicts a vibrant community and it is inspired by the Rumi quote;
“Every leaf that grows will tell you: what you sow will bear fruit, so if you have any sense my friend, don’t plant anything but Love.”-Rumi
Something as simple as inviting people to share food with you helps plant the seeds of love and understanding. Painted with spray paint and outdoor acrylic latex.
Painted for Mississauga Arts Council and Bell.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: Confederation Parkway and Huntington Ridge Drive, Mississauga, Ontario. Get Directions