Photo by May Shi @mmayshi
Many colourful objects clustered together.
Artist(s): Jill van Stanton


Completed: 2018

“This mural features a backstage scene, with props and set building materials. It’s located behind the theatre, and I liked the parallels between a backstage and an alley—all the types of objects you can find in both areas, and how each of those objects have backgrounds and stories they help narrate. Quite a few of the objects featured in the mural have symbolic significance to the building and the community, such as the fire coming out of one of the vents (for when a fire blazed out of that very spot), and the watering can for a homeless man named Whiskey, who waters the plants and keeps the neighbourhood clean, and with whom I shared many lovely chats throughout the weeks I worked on the mural. My hope is that the objects in the mural will gain extra narratives, holding different significance for each viewer, as the piece ages into its surroundings.

Thanks a ton to @nextfestartsco for the wall and commission, to @steventeeuwsen for allll the support, and to my mentee @breannajoelle_ , who mainly focused on her own black and white elements on the south facing wall (check em out when you visit!)”

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For Nextfest/Varscona

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 10329 83 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 2C6, Canada Get Directions