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Front of "The Dance" mural.

Photo by Johanna Hill

The Dance

Artist(s): Keight McLean

Producer: StreetARToronto

Category: ,

Completed: Summer 2017

Featuring ten figures dressed in renaissance dress, this mural displays them on a mostly black background with spraypainted multicoloured streaks through the ‘dance.’

Adapted from the mural entry:

“The Dance” celebrates Toronto’s communities, past and present, as a literal dance. Everyone holding hands in a continuous circle around the box, jumping and dancing barefoot and smiling and laughing. Bright fluorescent splashes of colour weave in and out of the dancing group to further highlight how people come together in Toronto to form a unique tapestry.

Created for Outside the Box by StreetARToronto.

For More Information: artist's related Instagram post

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: Huron and College St., northeastern corner. | Get Directions

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