Photo by May Shi @mmayshi
Many objects representing Cree culture. "Water is Life" in Cree on middle of wall.
Artist(s): iHuman Youth Society

Water is Life

Completed: 2017

“During the weekend event about 300 people joined us at the wall; more than 50 added their unique artistic touch to the mural. The participation we saw from local youth was especially rewarding. They really had fun telling their stories and adding their artwork to the mural,” noted Callihoo. “The mural was created as an inspiration and a learning tool that promotes the protection of water, a commodity that every living creature on earth needs to survive.

The project, an initiative inspired by Murdoch and acclaimed artist and activist Christi Belcourt, was designed to help the two artists get their message out to the public. That message, noted Murdoch “is simply to create awareness that water is important to us all and as such we are encouraging every Canadian to stand up and do something positive for the environment. If we can find the strength and resolve to work together for the betterment of the planet, then we have taken a step forward in helping to ensure that humankind will be able to survive well into the future. You cannot overstate the importance of a healthy environment and that begins by protecting our water. To emphasize that importance, we became involved in creating two murals on the same weekend, one in Edmonton and the other in Ottawa.”

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