The mural is shown in two sections as it is long.  The first one has archival images mixed with creative design.
Artist(s): Rebecca Remme, Eden Watt, Sandra Remme

Sunset Chronicles: Collingwood’s Journey by Rail, Sea, and Ski

Completed: September 15, 2023

The mural is 100 feet long by 8 feet tall so it is a very long, multilayered collage, so the first half of the mural is shown in the image. Check out this link to see more details:
This mural was commissioned by the Town of Collingwood in partnership with Streetcar Developments and the Collingwood Museum, for the construction wall across the road from the museum.
This mural is about the history of Collingwood, in particular the railway which transformed us from a small fishing village called Hen and Chickens Harbour to a major port on the Great Lakes. This mural commemorates 150 years of the railway and the museum building that was built 25 years ago to look like the 1873 station.
This is a mixed media creation. There are original paintings, original photography, archival photos and drawings and digital design, as well as didactic panels along the top with some fun history about Collingwood. All of this was pulled together, along with the kids’ colourings into a digital file for printing on vinyl which will be attached to the hoarding wall. Some images, especially old archival drawings, will look great from a distance, others may be grainy when you’re standing right up against them but there’s a lot to see up close too!
The children who attended the museum camps this summer participated by colouring in our illustrations of hens and chickens in period costumes or doing fun activities. This is the parade along the bottom of the mural. Sandra produced all the fun, comical sketches of the chicks which we digitized.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: Huron Street in Collingwood near St Paul Get Directions