Photo by May Shi @mmayshi
Yellow sphere with fragmented bits of earth-like colours and blocks. Clouds in background sky.
Artist(s): Jae Sterling

Portal Maker

Completed: 2022

“There is an obvious beauty and appeal that comes from the skies that I am truly afraid to neglect in my work – Portal Maker, my second mural is an indulgence of this theme as I return to the clouds yet again. I started portals as a means to escape, afraid of art being dead in the water and the pandemic infecting my art in a hyper negative way – in this sense my portals proved to be quite useful. This design ‘PORTAL MAKER’ has been seen in a smaller form through my installation at TRUCK (SEVEN PORTALS), and is one that should inspire optimism and a continuation of the recent art boom in Calgary. The figure’s head is held high, above the clouds, the portal resting in her chest, resembling the sun. My portal maker looks to the future as a cyclical regeneration – with a design representing an optimistic future that is ecologically abundant yet still incredibly human. Portal Maker creates new land masses, suggesting an abundance in life and our capacity to return to the ecosystem that allows for human life to exist.”

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Part of YYC Bump (Beltline Urban Murals Project)
Sponsored by TD Canada Trust

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 730 11 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2R 0E4 Get Directions