Photo by Phil Vogler
A photograph of the Berwick Centennial Mural viewed from across Commercial Street. The mural covers the entire surface of the building, which is 2 storeys high, and 115ft wide. The background colour of the mural is a bright blue, with the largest section of the mural including the phrase "Greetings from Berwick." Each letter of "Berwick" includes an image that relates to the community. The images include the wharf of Harbourville, the Harvest Moon Trail, the United Church Campgrounds, the hydroelectric and wind farms, a hockey player, and a tractor. Along the borders of the mural are pink and white apple blossoms. On the far right of the mural is an emblem with the words "celebrating 100 years 1923 - 2023." To the furthest section on the right is a large apple with the words "Nova Scotia's Apple Capital."
Artist(s): Kristen De Palma (KDP Letters), Jake Seibert (Talking Wall Designs)

Berwick Centennial Mural

Completed: 21 May 2022

The Berwick Centennial Mural is to commemorate the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Incorporation of Berwick as a Town on May 25th, 1923. The mural project was conceptualized and commissioned by the Berwick Mural Society, and this project was our second annual Call for Proposals concept. The mural planning began with the selection of an artist through a Call for Proposals in April of 2022. The winning design – created by Kristen De Palma, KDP Letters in partnership with Jake Seibert, Talking Wall Designs – was chosen through several stages of deliberation. Painting began on May 13th and was completed on May 21st, 2022.

The Berwick Centennial Mural was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Berwick’s incorporation, but also as a celebration of the community’s past, present, and future. Each letter in “Berwick” represents an important aspect of Berwick’s culture. Beginning from left to right, the “B” features an image of the wharf in Harbourville, which was one of the early locations for exporting apples grown in Berwick. Many individuals living in and around the community also have close ties to Harbourville, having taken trips to the shore, owning cottages along the coast, or through familial and ancestral ties to the coastal community. The letter “E” depicts the active living aspect of the community through the prominent and historic Harvest Moon Trailway, which once was the route of the Dominion Atlantic Railroad. The letter “R” features the historic United Church Campgrounds of Berwick, which is home to many of the oldest hemlocks in the country. The “W” and “I” showcase the importance of renewable energy and Berwick’s Progressive Energy Program. The image on the left depicts the hydroelectric dam Factorydale, and on the right is the Ellershouse Wind Farm, together making up 40% of all Berwick’s energy, and making the community a trailblazer among renewable energy programs in the province. The “C” depicts a hockey player, representing the many sports teams that have thrived in the community over the years, especially since the construction of the KMCC in 2010. Lastly, the “K” features a tractor, symbolizing the rich agricultural background of the community and its role in the establishment of Berwick as a town.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: Bargain Harley's, 182 Commercial St, Berwick, NS B0P 1E0 Get Directions

Accessibility: The mural is accessible directly from the main concrete sidewalk, but is best viewed from the sidewalk across the street.