Photo by Daisy Wu
A transit box painting with bright, pastel colours depicts musicians playing instruments such as the guitar, saxophone, and violin. Others stand around these musicians laughing and smiling. The background of this painting is a neo-classical style stone building. Much of the paint has been chipped on this box. A city bus and distant traffic is seen passing behind the box.
Artist(s): Sarah Collard

Achieving Harmony

Completed: July 2009

Located in front of the 250 Portage building in Downtown, this is one of the many transit boxes that Sarah Collard has painted in Winnipeg. It depicts musicians of various cultures playing various instruments. The building in the background of the painting is quite similar to its surrounding buildings in the downtown area.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 250 Portage Ave Winnipeg MB R3C 0B1 Get Directions

Accessibility: This work has undergone significant damage due to weather and its age. The box is beginning to rust and much of the paint has chipped.