Artist(s): Pam Lostracco

The Optical Illusion Box

Mural Routes Member(s): Pam Lostracco

From 1 specific vantage point, this box turns into an optical illusion. Once a solid grey, 4-sided structure, it now looks like an open frame revealing the trees that used to be hidden behind. Framing a section of nature in this way, brings a heightened sense of awareness and appreciation for the natural landscape around us. Additionally, as the seasons and climate changes, summer can still be enjoyed—and nature preserved—inside this box at Eglinton Flats.

To see the illusion, stand on the red arrow (the vantage point) by the crosswalk. Aim your camera at the box and move it up and down until the edges of the actual sidewalk lines up with the edges of the painted sidewalk on the box. Voila!

Painted for Outside the Box by StreetARToronto.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: Eglinton Avenue West and Emmett Avenue Get Directions