Artist: Marie-Judith Jean-Louis AKA MJ, Désiré Betty, Sarah Alinia Ziazi, Andrea Rodriguez AKA Andreacataro, Ghazaleh Rastgar, Karen Roberts, Jennifer Messon, Frannie Potts, Natalie Very B, Chrissy Kuiack, Kseniya Tsoy, Ross Iaydjiev AKA FLIPS, Rob Matejka, Menelik Powell, Hemangi Shroff, Sophie Lau.

Port Union Village Common Park: 105 Bridgend Street, Toronto, ON M9C 2Y2

As part of ArtworxTO, WATERMARKED is an experimental mural project that allowed artists and community members of all ages and abilities to experiment with rain-activated paint while co-creating a temporary public artwork at the Port Union Village Common Park in Scarborough.

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Variety Village Community Mural

Artist: Lead artists - Jakarundi Graphics (Caitlin Taguibao, Lara Lucretia Mrosovsky, Xuan-Yen Cao, and Rebekah Walker). Assistant artists - Kseniya Tsoy, Camila Wong, and Sarah Alinia Ziazi

3701 Danforth Avenue, Scarborough, ON M1N 2G2

Mural Routes and Variety Village partnered with Jakarundi Graphics as the lead artists of the Variety Village Community Mural Project; large scale community project.

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Fun is Important

Artist: Bareket Kezwer

2181 Queen Street East, Toronto ON

This mural responds to the excitement and joy the Beach Community shared about the opening of a new space to play, build new memories together and see a splash of colour in an urban landscape. These were shared during 16 hours of art-based programming and engagement with children and youth.

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Little By Little, A Little Becomes A Lot

Artist: Bareket Kezwer

54 Maple Ave, Barrie ON

These loving strawberries offer a gift of wellbeing to the downtown Barrie community. The strawberry, the first fruit of summer, offers hope and the promise of new possibilities.
The design was inspired through a process of reconnecting with ancestral Ashkenazi Jewish plant medicine. Berries featured prominently in the materia medica of traditional Ashkenazi herbal healers. Art is a healing practice; through my art, I am giving new life to the folk healing practices of my forebears.

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