Photo by Flips (Instagram)
Photo of a mural on side of a building featuring quilt-like patches of patterns, mainly of swirls of different colours as well as abstract Asiatic motifs of different colours. Main colours are black, gold, red, purple and blue.
Artist(s): SOWL, Flips

Vibe Mantra Scroll

Completed: 2023

Large scale mural by Toronto artists SOWL & Flips supported by stART Toronto for the “Just Us” call.

From Instagram:

“As students and souls taught and inspired by Black culture – experienced through the worldwide, unifying movements of hip hop, we painted out newest mural, the VIBE MANTRA SCROLL.
An abstract splash of movement and energy, full of symbolic elements paying homage to the reach hip hop has on the global community. The black lines weave through all patches of society, spreading vibes that insist on knowledge of self and swirling of souls. Inscribed throughout the mural are hints of some raps that helped both artists realize these truths – can you spot them?”

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 1521 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON, Canada Get Directions