Registration now open: Intro to Mural Art McGregor Park

IMA McGregor

Registration is now open for our first MURALI program of 2016, Introduction to Mural Art: McGregor Park!

Introduction to Mural Art is a free visual art learning program for all ages (14+) and skill levels. Professional artists will lead a series of six sessions connecting basic art and design techniques to the practical skills of mural making, empowering community members to participate in public wall art projects. Workshops include: drawing and painting techniques, colour theory, design challenges, stencil design and printing, enlarging techniques, and large-scale collaborative final mural design projects.

This program will take place at McGregor Park Community Centre (2231 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough), Saturdays 1-4pm from March 5th to April 23rd, 2016 (excluding Easter weekend). Participation is free and open to all, but participants are expected to commit to completing the full six sessions.

Participants will work towards the design of a public mural that reflects the surrounding community. Mural Routes plans to work with artists, participants, and the broader community to make this mural a reality in the summer of 2016. Participants would then have the opportunity not only to contribute to early design and planning, but to volunteer or be employed (through our youth summer mentoring program) in the mural’s execution.

For more information please email natalie@muralroutes.com.


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Intro to Mural Art is part of MURALI – the Mural Art Learning Institute. Mural Routes announced the launch of MURALI thanks to the support of an Ontario Trillium Foundation Grow Grant in January, 2016. MURALI is our new continuum of training programs that provides a trajectory of opportunities for artists and project managers to develop and refine their skills and experience in all aspects of mural making. The program has a series of levels with multiple entry points, so that artists and project managers can progress through these building blocks to achieve their potential to becoming practising, paid professionals working in mural art and related fields.

The range of MURALI programs will provide opportunities for learning, networking and skill-sharing at all levels; from introductory community-based programs and emerging artist career development to professional development workshops and symposia. The institute brings people with backgrounds and interest in mural art together, fulfilling Mural Routes’ goal to “teach, learn, share and grow initiatives in mural art.” Four levels of learning will include: Level 1 – Introduction to Mural Art; Level 2 – Mural Art Career Development; Level 3 – Wall Art Learning Series; Level 4 – National Mural Symposium. Each program’s teaching and evaluations will be shared as public resources online.    

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