Mural Routes announces MURALI, Mural Art Learning Institute





Mural Routes announces MURALI, Mural Art Learning Institute; training for all skill levels in the field of public wall art

Toronto, ON    Jan 25, 2016 – Mural Routes is excited to announce the launch of the (mobile) Mural Art Learning Institute, MURALI, thanks to the support of an Ontario Trillium Foundation Grow Grant. MURALI is continuum of training programs that provides a trajectory of opportunities for artists and project managers to develop and refine their skills and experience in all aspects of mural making. The program has a series of levels with multiple entry points, so that artists and project managers can progress through these building blocks to achieve their potential to becoming practising, paid professionals working in mural art and related fields.

Mural Routes has been awarded three years of funding by Ontario Trillium Foundation’s ‘Grow Grant’ for the MURALI program which is specifically aimed at expanding on programs that have shown proven success. MURALI is the integration of mural art training programs into a cohesive mobile learning institute, based on the successes of the past four years of developing different workshop and training programs. The program builds upon Mural Routes’ previous training programs.

“I’m pleased to see that the Ontario Trillium Foundation has made such a significant investment in our local arts community,” said Lorenzo Berardinetti, MPP for Scarborough Southwest. “The possibilities presented by MURALI in terms of skill-building and door-opening for young artists both here and across our city is encouraging. I’m looking forward to seeing their results in the coming years.”

The range of MURALI programs will provide opportunities for learning, networking and skill-sharing at all levels; from introductory community-based programs and emerging artist career development to professional development workshops and symposia. The institute brings people with backgrounds and interest in mural art together, fulfilling Mural Routes’ goal to “teach, learn, share and grow initiatives in mural art.”

Four levels of learning will include: Level 1 – Introduction to Mural Art; Level 2 – Mural Art Career Development; Level 3 – Wall Art Learning Series; Level 4 – National Mural Symposium. Each program’s teaching and evaluations will be shared as public resources online.

MURALI’s kickoff Spring 2016 programming will begin with two Introduction to Mural Art programs in Scarborough Centre and North York. Mural Routes will also run five Wall Art Learning Series workshops from March through June, and a Mural Art Career Development intensive program in May and June. Dates and locations are still to be determined. For more information about these upcoming programs, visit our website, subscribe to the blog at  

Mural Routes’ President, Marie Belanger reflects on the exciting development of this program:  “MURALI provides unique opportunities for people to come together and explore the art of muralism; its positive outcomes include raising the level and standards of the art form and increasing the employment potential for mural artists and producers. We are proud to be able to offer these opportunities to develop this creative field and mural art’s potential as a catalyst for community building.”

About: Mural Routes is an arts service organization dedicated to training and supporting mural artists, producers and communities involved in mural arts through teaching, learning and sharing initiatives in mural art together.


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Program Director, MURALI

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Program Generously Supported by The Ontario Trillium Foundation


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