Photo by Daisy Wu
Brightly painted mural on a brick wall, depicting two tigers who face eachother. They have long claws and white masks on their face. They stand in front of a blue background with dark green grass, with white clouds near the bottom, with red figures coming out of them. The background is filled with bright colours, shapes, and patterns succh as clouds, lightning bolds, planets, smiley faces and confetti.
Artist(s): Ten Yetman

Tigers on Another Planet with Rainbow Laser Fun Clouds

Completed: October 2023

The imagery within this mural is a continuation of Ten Yetman’s recent art of creatures from another world. It focuses on two tiger-like beings who have been brought to a new planet. They have evolved and adapted to their new surroundings, developing two noses and mouths, yet they still exist together on the planet in harmony. A lot of Yetman’s recent work has been inspired by Science Fiction moves of the 1960s and 70s. Filled with bright, fun, and mystical motifs, Yetman hopes people feel a charge of happy energy and inspiration when they see this mural.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 389 Graham Ave Winnipeg MB R3C 0L3 Get Directions