Artist(s): Francine Freeman

Lucky dragon

Mural Routes Member(s): Francine Freeman Completed: July 2021

This mural demonstrates the importance of the dragon and the Great Wall in Chinese culture. The Dragon representing good luck, health and strength. The Great Wall represents the unification of China. And when we think of these two things in such a beautiful, open, Canadian city, those values stretch to the sense of unity that we all have in our community.

I never thought that this could become such an incredible experience. When you define community, it’s not only those who live in the same region or have similar interests. But community is the support and love for each other’s similarities and differences. Every day I was constantly supported with honking horns of excitement, people stopping by to take photos of and with me. I never really thought that something as simple as painting a mural would have such an effect positively on a community. I even had strangers who came by daily to watch and support my progress right till the end. The meaning behind the mural is truly shown in the people who showed so much support over the last week.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: Sandhurst Circle & Brimwood Blvd, Scarborough, Toronto, ON, Canada Get Directions