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Creating paintings of the natural landscape, Francine's work constantly allow her to explore new places while documenting them in paint. All photographed by herself and then painted with a hyperrealist approach, using a light application of paints and vivid colors, as a way to relive  moments and share her memories.


Over many years she has traveled extensively exploring the beauty of 15 countries and painting from photos taken along her travels. Francine's recent paintings are based on photographs she took while traveling and living in parts of the world, including scenes from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Norway, Hong Kong, Italy and Ireland.  Being in the hyperrealism genre, she tries to capture the true essence of a place, the emotion it gives, its importance to the community and her experience within it. Francine's interest is to continue exploring new places within her own country of Canada, showing the beauty of the landscapes experienced. 


In the last few years her attention has been drawn to community murals. Volunteering and working in the community has always been a passion of hers, now taking her skill in fine arts to bring herself and students (as a high school teacher) into the community with art related initiatives. Executing these murals has given her and the community a sense of acceptance, love and unity. When you define community, it’s not only those who live in the same region or may have similar interests, but it's the support and love for each other’s similarities and differences. In creating, the community shows support with honking horns of excitement, members stopping by to take photos and daily visits to watch and support the progress. She is inspired that something as simple as painting a mural, would have such an effect positively on a group of people. The meaning behind the murals are truly shown in the people who express so much joy and support during the creation.


Francine believes there are many different lenses to view the world through. The aim in her work is creating a lens that captures the inner beauty of a location and moment in time.

Contemporary, Landscape, Realism
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