Photo by Jaqui Lee
Photo of a garage door mural of a white rabbit with a Chinese-style head dress. The rabbit has green eyes remniscient of jade. Behind the rabbit, are glowing Chinese lanterns and blue smoke. A full moon is behind the rabbit as well, and all elements are on a dark purple background.
Artist(s): FPMONKEY

Jade Rabbit

Mural Routes Member(s): FPMONKEY Completed: 2023

Garage door mural by FPMONKEY for the 2023 KJ BIT Laneway jam, with the theme “GLOW.”

Titled, “Jade Rabbit,” this piece features a jade rabbit that is a main character for the Chinese mid-Autumn festival, with glowing lanterns typical for the festival.

Supported by Canada Council for the Arts and the Toronto Arts Council.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: Lane W Crawford S Harrison, Toronto, ON M6J 1Z7, Canada Get Directions

Accessibility: In a laneway