Photo by May Shi @mmayshi
Historic scene of China by the water, businesses working on the streets,
Artist(s): Rawry & Pohly (Kevin Chow and Jamie Mason)

Along the Bow

Completed: 2022

We just finished painting the largest mural we’ve ever painted! It’s also one of the biggest murals in Calgary! We worked with the Chinatown community to interpret a 1000 year old ancient scroll (#alongtheriverduringtheqingmingfestival) in our style and added some really fun modern twists.

You’ll find the Chinese zodiac hidden across the mural, in traditional Chinese lettering is the mention of home of the ginger beef and the Bow River, and some fun characters are playing around the mural that weren’t depicted in the original, such as a fisherman on the boat.

The mural is 135 feet wide and 55 feet tall. We two of us painted the mural using a boomlift and paint sprayer/spray cans over the course of 40 days during the hottest August in 10 years. We had assistance with the traditional Chinese characters to ensure stylistic accuracy.

We wrote the grants for and managed the project with the community members (shout out to Ed Tam and the CCCS) and the mural has been received with love and admiration. We’ve also been interviewed about it on the radio (CBC) and tv (global)!

Calgary Chinatown BIA Graciously donated to the anti-graffiti coating!

Upcoming reception sponsored in part by the Chinatown Development Foundation!

A huge thank you to Impark who allowed us to use the adjacent lot to paint the mural!

Point Sushi fed us everyday we worked on the mural and the food was AMAZING! Thank you!

A BIG thank you to the mural funders and the building owners:

Harmony Centre
@calgaryartsdev @canada.council
Calgary Chinese Cultural Society
Chinatown Development Foundation
Impark (and lot owners)

And thank you to the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre @calgarychinese for consulting us on the history and assisting with the interpretation of the design! Shoutout to Tony Wong, Malcolm Chow and crew!

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 116 2 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 0B9 Get Directions

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