WATERMARKED – As part of ArtworxTO

As part of ArtworxTO, WATERMARKED is an experimental mural project that will allow artists and community members of all ages and abilities to experiment with rain-activated paint while co-creating a temporary public artwork at the Port Union Village Common Park in Scarborough.

This project aims to push 12 emerging and established artists’ creativity to create designs that combine colourful areas with Rainworks invisible spray, which appears when it rains. Community members will be able to participate in stencil workshops and leave their mark on the mural, while they reflect on the role of water and its importance to them spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Mural Routes will produce this 5,000 sq. feet mural over four weeks, on Fridays & Saturdays, 11am-6pm, from August 12 to September 3, 2022. On September 4th, an event will be hosted to unveil the resulting public artwork, which will be visible from September through November, and will be “naturally” revealed every time it rains.

Participating artists:

Marie-Judith Jean-Louis
Désiré Betty
Sarah Alinia Ziazi
Andrea Rodriguez
Ghazaleh Rastgar
Karen Roberts
Jennifer Messon
Frannie Potts
Natalie Very B
Chrissy Kuiack
Kseniya Tsoy
Ross Laydjiev AKA FLIPS

Project Dates:

August 12 & 13

August 19 & 20

August 26 & 27

September 2 & 3

Unveiling September 4

Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer in your community? Mural Routes is seeking volunteers to help out on site during the workshops. Duties will include: directing foot traffic, encouraging passersby to participate, helping out with set-up and clean-up, assisting the artists with anything they may need.
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