Photo by Jinke Wang (Instagram)
Photo of the storefront of Snakes & Lattes with a mural piece decorating each panel in between the 5 visible signs of the store. Mural reflects characters in bright blue with an orage background, some appear to be gladiators of sorts, the others are horses.
Artist(s): Jinke Wang

Wondering Spring

Completed: 2023

Settlers of Catan themed mural by Jinke Wang for Snakes & Lattes, supported by Steps Public Art and completed in 2023.

From Instagram: “‘Wondering Spring’ is a mural that showcases elements inspired by the famous board game, “CATAN.” It presents a surreal and dreamlike scene within the world of CATAN, where characters gather i joyous celebration of the arrival of spring. This mural incorporates enchanting landscapes and characters, blending the realms of nature and fantasy.”

Where to Find This Mural

Location: Snakes & Lattes College, College Street, Toronto, ON, Canada Get Directions