Photo by Daisy Wu
A girl with short red hair in a blue dress sits with a tiger. A label on her dress reads "Indian power!" Behind her are various clouds and leaves.
Artist(s): Kyla Yin James

Year of the Tiger

Completed: 2022

Artist’s Statement: “Year of the Tiger explores the place that anger holds in society, especially when displayed by those of marginalized genders. There is an oxymoron present in Western societies where marginalized people often only have their emotions taken seriously if expressed in an “acceptable” way. I wanted to explore the “”tiger mom”” stereotype because it stands in stark contrast to other stereotypes of East Asians as submissive and obedient. When considered all together, they reveal a certain hypocrisy of how East Asians are seen both as docile and a threat depending on what serves present power structures the best. The symbolism in this piece pokes fun at these labels and asks the viewer how they are reading the maid and the tiger in the picture.”

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 685 Westminster Ave Winnipeg MB R3C 0Z4 Get Directions