La Chorcha in Progress

La Chorcha

Artist: Andrew Lewis

755 Talbot Street, St Thomas, Ontario

Found behind the old storefronts of Talbot Street find this vibrant and lively mural connecting to the market space of the Horton Farmers’ Market. Food is something that binds us together and is celebrated the world around, find that connection and vibrancy when visiting this mural!

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Artist: Chris Golding and Ben Vandervooren

225 Wellington Street, St Thomas Ontario

Painted by artists Chris Golding and Ben Vandevooren for the 2017 Iron Horse Festival.

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Journey by Laura Woermke


Artist: Laura Woermke

75 Caso Crossing, St. Thomas Ontario

A Jumbo inspired mural completed by the talented Laura Woermke, a local artist and Executive Director of the St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre. Find Laura’s masterpiece at the Joe Thornton Community Centre, looking sharp on a red brick backdrop and reminiscent of her popular style of landscape painting!

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Encounters at 365 Talbot Street

Encounters @ 365 Talbot

Artist: Stephanie Boutari

365 Talbot Street St Thomas Ontario

Conveying the idea of a beautiful night out in the city, and the energy of meeting someone new & imagining all the possibilities that come from that kind of illuminated moment in life.

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Beginning of Hope by Derkz

Beginning of Hope

Artist: Derkz

135 Wellington Street St Thomas Ontario

Using very a intricate technique to create the details of this mural, the elements represent the beauty of community connection and diversity. The mural is considered a contemporary piece that uses innovative transitions to the different elements.

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Ann's Snack Bar

Ann’s Snack Bar

Artist: Clark MacDougall

230 Talbot Street, St Thomas, Ontario.

A reproduction of the St. Thomas Artist Clark MacDougall’s painting, the bright contrasting colours against the dark shadows and outlines perfectly depicts a talbot street of the past.

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