Photo by Jaqui Lee
Photo of garage door mural of a female African figure with glowing blue eyes and fighter fish swimming beside her above glowing coral.
Artist(s): Drpn Soul

Mami Wata

Completed: 2023

Mural of Mami Wata by DRPN SOUL for the 2023 KJ BIT Laneway jam theme “GLOW.” Supported by Canada Council for the Arts and the Toronto Arts Council. Excerpt from artist: “I painted this representation of Mami Wata, a goddess/water spirit in pan-African traditions. She respects many aspects of life including good fortune, wealth and healing, but also the threat of destruction through natural disasters and the power of the seas.”

Where to Find This Mural

Location: Between Crawford & Shaw Laneway, south of College Get Directions

Accessibility: In an alley way