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Photo of a bell box mural of a scene in many layers: blue water is at the bottom, followed by green, red, black, yellow and white areas presumed to be land. Various pictographs and images are painted all over the scene, including turtles, teepees, goats, trees, koi fish, people, and other living things. A sun is painted at the top left.

Photo by Jaqui Lee

Indigenous History Specific to Aurora/York Region

Artist(s): Atessa Hooshvar & Sharon Rigby

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Completed: 2022

Bell Box mural by Atessa Hooshvar & Sharon Rigby for the “Truth & Reconciliation” initiative located on 11 Mosley St. “A woven tapestry of indigenous and non-indigenous art.”

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 11 Mosley St, Aurora, Ontario, Canada | Get Directions

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