Photo by Katarina Sabados
A pink figure extends their hands to several arms in the progress pride colours
Artist(s): Matt Hans Schroeter

I am a human being

Completed: 2022

The mural depicts the hands of ted northe, a gay rights activist and drag queen, reaching out to embrace a community of hands in the colours of the progress pride flag. ted northe has organized protests, influenced LGBTQ2S+ policy and rights in Canada, and created community since the 1950s. In this mural, the artist wanted to show the energy of this influential figure passing through the community, and to serve as a reminder for the public of the ongoing fight for equal rights and protects for LGBTQ2S+ people in Canada.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 958 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2M2 Get Directions