Artist(s): Deanna Flinn

The People in Your Neighbourhood

This mural is 5 panels 7.5′ x 3′ installed at Gordon Neighbourhood House on January 4th.
The panels feature 46 portraits of people in the community I collected. Each person asked to participate at a safe social distance or sent in electronically drew their self-portrait with 1 single line, with eyes closed.

I was supported by a Neighbourhood Small Grant to purchase the materials for the mural. This was the first time I have ever written a grant application and I got it, I was so pleased.

It was an interactive community event done during this crazy time of isolation and social distancing to get people outside of their comfort zone and have them try something new.
Everyone reacted the same way, insisting they cannot draw and then giggles, and then they succumbed to the drawing and afterwards were really happy with the result.

I started it at home in October and finished it just before Christmas. I loved having it here in my apartment, it was such a fun thing to have in my home I was a smidge sad to see it go yet thrilled to have it be out for people to see.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: Gordon Neighbourhood House, 1019 Broughton House, Vancouver, BC V6G 2A7 Get Directions