Drift by Sarah Van Pelt
Artist(s): Sarah Van Pelt


“According to Inuit oral tradition, kayaking was a way of life as well as a practical tool…for over 2,000 years. An individual’s mastery of the kayak measured personal growth and connection to the community. The kayak also provided the Inuit with a means of interacting with Arctic geography and ecology; kayaking was a way to explore landscapes, access natural resources, encounter animals and socialize with the Inuit of other communities.” (The Canadian Encyclopedia)

Although the artist doesn’t have a personal connection to the Inuit, she has a deep appreciation for history, this beautiful country she calls home, and kayaking. Maybe it’s thanks to her sea-faring Dutch ancestry, or maybe it’s just the peace that comes from gliding down a river or across one of Canada’s many lakes. The light is brighter on the water, the sounds are softer, the breeze more musical, and the animals are drawn to it. It’s a delight for the senses and a palette for the imagination.

Sarah enjoys many different mediums of art – everything from painting to printmaking, illustration, miniature sculptures and much more. She is easily entranced by new artistic media and how each allows her to express her ideas in a different way. Her subject matter is often nature related since she has a deep love for the earth and all of its many creatures, but she is equally distracted by humans and their capacity for humour. Sarah enjoys bringing a smile to the unsuspecting with funny miniature signs she leaves all around St. Thomas. The “Drift” and “Bright Lights” murals are her first ventures into large-scale public art, and likely won’t be her last!

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 800 Talbot Street St Thomas Ontario Get Directions