Bright Lights by Sarah Van Pelt
Artist(s): Sarah Van Pelt

Bright Lights

“Bright Lights” was inspired while the artist was camping in one of Ontario’s Provincial Parks. Sarah was walking back to her campsite in the dark when she saw a stranger carrying a lantern in the distance. Enchanted by flickering fireflies and the warmth of the lantern light through the trees, she stored the image in her memory for a dreary day when she would live the moment again through her art.

It reminds her that even the smallest spark of light can dispel the darkness and illuminate the beauty around us.

Sarah enjoys many different mediums of art – everything from painting to printmaking, illustration, miniature sculptures and much more. She is easily entranced by new artistic media and how each allows her to express her ideas in a different way. Her subject matter is often nature related since she has a deep love for the earth and all of its many creatures, but she is equally distracted by humans and their capacity for humour. Sarah enjoys bringing a smile to the unsuspecting with funny miniature signs she leaves all around St. Thomas. The “Bright Lights” and “Drift” murals are her first ventures into large-scale public art, and likely won’t be her last!

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 800 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON, Canada Get Directions