Photo by Jaqui Lee
Photo of a collaborative mural on two shipping containers sacked on top of each other, with the bottom providing an entry way to another area. Both containers have an abstract background signature of Mony Zakhour, in blues, pinks and greens, and squiggly designs. The top container has three dog characters wearing caps by Billy Franklin, in purple, orange and pink. The bottom container is written “Community Lane” in pink, also by Billy Franklin, with the “O” in “community” drawn as a smiley face.
Artist(s): Money Zakhour & Billy Franklin

Community Lane

Completed: 2021

A large collaborative mural between Mony Zakhour (@m0ny.zak) and Billy Franklin (@billyfffboi) on two shipping containers stacked on top of each other at Stackt Market. This mural is to indicate the location of the “Community Lane” at the market. 2021

Where to Find This Mural

Location: STACKT market, Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON, Canada Get Directions

Accessibility: On ground level as entry way