Photo by J Spinney
A fox is at the center of this mural, smiling blissfully against a colourful background with triangles, squiggles and a flower.
Artist(s): Sabina Sorensic

Adeline Vet Mural

Completed: 2022

Mexican muralist Sabina Sorensic painted this mural for Festival Inspire in 2022. This non-profit, Moncton-based festival aims to establish art in public spaces, promoting accessible, community-engaged art. More information about the festival can be found here:

The theme of this mural, according to the artist, is renewal, transformation and change. The mural suggests relief and positive feelings, reflected in the blissful expression on the fox’s face. Sabina’s artwork can be found on Instagram @sabina_sorensic.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 293 High Street Moncton, NB E1C 6C1 Get Directions

Accessibility: This mural is located on the side of a building, next to an unpaved and uneven patch of grass.