Front panel of 'March of the Suffragettes.'

March of the Suffragettes

Artist: Jacqueline Comrie

College St at Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G 2E2, Canada

Located on the northeast corner of College and Elizabeth Streets, ‘March of the Suffragettes’ displays five figures in Victorian-era dresses and hats with sashes across their outfits. On the approach to Women’s College Hospital, on a street also called Dr. Emily Stowe Way, this Signal Box reminds passers-by of the events related to the writing and enacting of bills, acts and other legal pathways in the ongoing fight for gender equality in this country, fought by many, notably the aforementioned Dr. Stowe, an icon in Canada’s suffrage movement. This signal box reminds us, that by not being dedicated just to Dr. Stowe but to the actions of the many, that history making events occur through the actions of the many, not the one.

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Augmented Representations: The North Etobicoke Mural Project

Artist: Bareket Kezwer, Mique Michelle, Moises Frank, and Rob Matejka

11 Farr Ave Etobicoke, ON M9V 2A5

In the summer of 2019 Arts Etobicoke, Mural Routes, the STEPS Initiative, and Womxn Paint presented Augmented Representations: The North Etobicoke Mural Project. The project was a series of workshops and training with local community and artists, leading to a summer-long, collaborative mural project in North Etobicoke.

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