Junction Dreams

Artist: Muralist: Jasmin Pannu | Animator: Jeca Martinez

2853 Dundas St W, Toronto (Mural can be seen on Keele St)

Toronto’s first-ever interactive augmented reality mural, designed in partnership with local artists, with The Junction BIA and funded through the City of Toronto’s Outdoor Mural and Street Art Program.

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Patterns of the Junction

Artist: Muralist: Julia Prajza | Animator: Jonna Petrou

Dundas St W/Pacific Ave. (Rear of building: 2975 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Z2)

As its title suggests, “Patterns of the Junction,” located at 2975 Dundas St W (West Toronto Paint and Wallpaper) and viewed while travelling north on Pacific Ave, celebrates the various patterns found throughout the neighbourhood.

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Composition with Abstract Shapes and Lines

Artist: Muralist: Erin McCluskey | Animator: Shade Lourens | Music: Joel Schwartz

2802 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Y5

Located at 2802 Dundas St W (ARTiculations Art Supply), “Composition with Abstract Shapes and Lines” overarching theme celebrates art in some of its most basic elements – line, shape, and colour.

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Under the Crofton Sea

Artist: Kris Friesen

1534 Joan Ave Crofton, BC V0R 1R0

This whimsical little ocean themed painting for the Osborne Bay Pub was the first mural in Crofton, BC. The mural is composed of a wave washing over an underwater ocean scene where a giant Pacific octopus is playing a red piano, as musical notes curve out of piano into the sky.

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hidden Issabella beach

Artist: BC Johnson

9 Isabella Street 2nd floor, Toronto, ON, Canada

Tropical meditation lobby, commissioned by Sol exotica ‘s owner Sevag Kalachian completed on October 14 2022.
total 360 hours

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Front panel of 'March of the Suffragettes.'

March of the Suffragettes

Artist: Jacqueline Comrie

College St at Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G 2E2, Canada

Located on the northeast corner of College and Elizabeth Streets, ‘March of the Suffragettes’ displays five figures in Victorian-era dresses and hats with sashes across their outfits. On the approach to Women’s College Hospital, on a street also called Dr. Emily Stowe Way, this Signal Box reminds passers-by of the events related to the writing and enacting of bills, acts and other legal pathways in the ongoing fight for gender equality in this country, fought by many, notably the aforementioned Dr. Stowe, an icon in Canada’s suffrage movement. This signal box reminds us, that by not being dedicated just to Dr. Stowe but to the actions of the many, that history making events occur through the actions of the many, not the one.

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